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A couple Of Ways To Rock Your Christian wedding

A Christian wedding is way too different as compared to other Indian regional weddings owing to it’s’ variety of Christian wedding rituals, wedding style, celebration, attires, themes, decorations, etc. A Christian Matrimony is so simple and unique because they don’t believe in loud and vast celebration. They believe that marriage is a bond of two unites soul. Today we are going to share some amazing ideas to make simple Christian wedding to rock:

Engagement photos

Use prop in engagement photos will add a rock touch. You can use simple quotes board, signs which will remind you & your partner of your responsibilities. Apart from using signs, you can also add a bible in photography.

Ring bible instead of the pillow

You can use the bible for ring carrying instead of a ring pillow because the bible would be a great way to incorporate the Christian faith into the wedding.  

First touch & bridesmaid’s prayer

as we know that prayers are a significant part of Christian Matrimony both the bride and groom take out time to speak to god together. A traditional bride walks down the aisle in her full glory and meets her to be husband in order to offer a first touch prayer. Even the bride and their favorite bridesmaid’s prayers from the heart to god.

Location – A Church

Simple and easy to rock your wedding, just held your wedding in the church. It is god house where you can feel the presence of God and their blessing.

Feet washing

in a Christian wedding, the bride washed the groom feet. It is an act of humility and service. Most couples also include wash feet ceremony to commit themselves to serve each other rest of life.

The threefold cord

A threefold cord is a wedding ceremony where the bride and groom fold the cord which represents the strong wedding relationship until the death. The three cords represent to man, woman, and a god


When all the guests have their seats for the further process, the couple can bring their focus at the centerpiece. Using the bible words on the table will be a good way to express your faith.

Wedding signs

using signs near the wedding location or at the wedding venue is the common way to express the Christians faith in weddings. These thinks make the wedding memorable for all guests.

Final words: with these ideas, we can convert the simple Christian wedding in rocking. Due to the simplicity, these pop up can make the Christian wedding memorable.

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