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Essential Christian Wedding Traditions

As compared to another Indian wedding, a Christian wedding is uniquely different from another Indian region wedding in the form of dressing, custom, and traditions. There are many things which you see only a Christian Matrimony. These are:


Singing is a major part of an Indian wedding, but it is a huge part of the Christian community. Even the priest also brings the collection of songs and hymns. Many Christian families also sing their favorite songs during the joyous time. Most of the songs refer to verses and bible stories. These songs typically are sung at the time of new love, romance, and happiness.

Foot Washing

Foot Washing is one of the important traditions for those who want to intimate and honor Jesus. In the middle of the marriage, the bride and groom remove their shoes and pour the water at feet to each other.

The Sermon

Make sure to use the bathroom before attending the Christian wedding because there is no chance to stop the ceremony. Some time Christian Matrimony ceremony takes 15 to 20 minute to complete, but most of the cases, the priest love to present the full sermon which will take 40-50 minute. During this, the priest speaks the bible verses, stories, etc.

Tying of the Threefold Cord

In this tradition, three ropes are tying up together that represent the bride, groom, and God. It is a symbolize that marriage can’t break easily.

Wedding Dress and Veil

Most of the Christian wedding, bride wedding dress and veil are white. The white color represents the purity of heart with respect to God.             

The Ring

In a Christian wedding, Ring is the most important traditions. The ring represents the unbreakable and endless love. It also represents resources. When a groom gives his bride a ring, he is offering her all of his resources such as his: wealth, emotions, love, belongings, and experiences.

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