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Christian Wedding Rituals

This post is basically to help you introduced with Christian weddings along with their unforgettable rituals. You will also find some other interesting things along with various Christian wedding rituals to know that are explained later in the post. Today, the country is known for hundreds of spectacular wedding rituals including Punjabi, Christian, and others. In this post, we are discussing Christian matrimonial system that looks entirely different as compared to any other wedding system. There are millions of marriage seekers today who had to struggle in earlier times as they had to remain dependent all times on the very old system of traditional wedding system that was comprised of so many drawbacks.

This made users leaving their services so as to find something they could rely and relish upon. With the passage of time, they started accepting matrimony system that looked so generous as it comprised all the latest features and procedures to find your most compatible loving partners. Today, most users like to adopt the entire online wedding system in finding their most compatible brides and grooms. In order to understand the type of wedding, you need to understand its rituals. Here, we would like to enlist a few Christian wedding rituals for you.

Now, please take a look at some of the great-looking Christian wedding rituals that are unforgettable and mesmerizing:


Like any other wedding system, Christian wedding system also comprises the matchmaking process. This is a process using which bride and grooms are selected using various online matrimonial sites. In order to find the most compatible brides and grooms, you may like to find the best bride or groom for you and expect to be full with all the qualities that you like.


The next step in a Christian wedding happens to be none other than the engagement ceremony. Please know that engagement happens to be one of the unavoidable ceremonies in any type of wedding system. As far as Christians wedding are concerned, both the bride and groom ensure that they follow all the rituals.

Bridal Shower

Right after the engagement ceremony is completed, the bride is sent for a bridal shower. Well, this is also one of the most recommended ceremonies. This ritual is generally performed by the family and other relatives of the bride. Not only that, the entire ceremony involves a host party that everybody enjoys. Most of the time, they are likely to play games and other games as well. In this ceremony, the bride has to undergo a cake ceremony as well. Here, the bride has to cut a pink cake which is then finally served to her companions.

Bachelor Party

Another well known Christian wedding ritual happens in the form of organizing a bachelor party. The entire ceremony is hosted just a day before the actual wedding takes place. In the recent past, this ceremony has been performing by hundreds of people and has now become their favorite. It's based on western culture and is gaining popularity in India as well. The concept which is followed here is that the groom enjoys his day as a bachelor. This takes place before the wedding.

Roce Ceremony

Roce ceremony takes place in plenty of other Christian community either from Konkan or Goa. Please note that this is just like Haldi ceremony in Hindu where a paste of turmeric is placed over both the hands and legs of the bride. It also involves both the bride and groom to take a ritual bath in their homes.

Conclusion- Today, you can have all the fun in a Christian matrimony system by looking at their wedding rituals more closely.

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