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Sacred Christian Wedding Traditions

A Christian wedding is one of the unique weddings. It is also known as a white wedding because everything is white in a Christian Matrimony even the bride gown is also white. The ceremonies are filled with the family members, Loads of flower and wedding decoration is simple and elegant and white color. Christian Wedding rituals are simple and sober as compare to other Indian weddings.

Find a suitable match

unlike the other Indian families, they also prefer to find a match within their community and they follow the Indian arrange marriage system, but in some community, they find the suitable in their own community. This is the only reason inter-caste or inter-religion marriages have stared and increased now a day.

Engagement Ceremony

A formal engagement ceremony is the first step of a Christian wedding. Bride and Groom generally exchange the rings with each other’s and it is the unofficial announcement of the union. The rings are sent the church father to bless from the God.

Bridal Shower

Before a week ago, the bride best friends arrange a party for him and the aim of behind to organize the party to enjoy the moments as a single before getting married. The bride carries a pink or silver color cake where she cuts the cake and dispute to friends. The hidden tiny metal piece or plastic piece is too inserted. It is assumed that the girl who gets the cake with the hidden piece, she is the next bride.

Bachelor’s party

As a bridal shower, the bachelor’s party is also a part of a Christian wedding. The Groom family arranges a party to friends and relative. The party is filled with drinks, foods, music, and dance. Women are not allowed to this bachelor party.

Rose Ceremony

This ceremony is taking place at night before the wedding day. The relative draw a cross on the forehead with the mustard oil to bride and groom and after that, the oil drops is also poured on the shoulder and ears and the coconut juice is also poured on the face, head, heads, and feet. After complete this wedding ceremony, the bride and groom take a bath.

Blessing of the Bride’s Wedding Dress

Firstly the bride dress and jewelry is blessed by the church and then it is taken by the groom’s relative to the bride’s house along with the fruits, dry fruits, gifts and etc.

Bride’s ride

A car is sent by the groom for the bride and her maids. Once the bride reaches the wedding venue, the bride is greeted by a man who hands her the flower bouquet.

Escorting Ceremony

Bride and her father are reached at the place where the groom is waiting for them. The father shakes hand with the Groom and gives the bride’s hand to him.

Wedding Vows And the ‘I Do’

First of all, the priest/Pop reads the testaments from the Bible and informs the significance of the wedding to everyone. Then the Pop and guests sing a prayer to bless the couple. After that the couple exchanges the wedding vows to each other where they promise to each other for love, cherish and respect each other for life and the priest asks both for their consent on the union in the front of the witnesses. The couple says “I Do”. It is a holy commitment.

Reception party

Wedding ceremonies take a few hours of a day and formal reception party is held which is a fun-filled affair with the loud music, drinks, and food.

Final words: As compare to another Indian wedding, a Christian wedding is simple and elegant because there is no endless wedding ritual. is a part of NRI Marriage Bureau Where you can find NRI Christian life partner for a wedding. If you are looking a Christian bride or Groom for Christian Matrimony, Register your matrimonial profile with us. 

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